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اعلان وظائف البنك المركزي المصري- المعهد المصرفي المصري- بتاريخ 28-12-2022

اعلان وظائف البنك المركزي المصري- المعهد المصرفي المصري- بتاريخ 28-12-2022

In our pursuit of excellence, The Egyptian Banking Institute
 (EBI) continuously looks for dynamic and innovative individuals to join our team. At EBI, we are committed to creating a leadership culture that is as diverse and vibrant as the markets we serve. We are looking for outstanding global talent and future leaders, who are welcome and vital for us as we grow and evolve. So join us, and make a real contribution to shaping our future, and enhance our human resources with creative, innovative, team-oriented individuals.
Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Specialist
Ensure that EBI as an equal opportunities’ employer attracts diverse, brilliant, and ambitious talents who can grow and flourish within an inclusive, dynamic and performance-driven culture, yet they have the skills and talents to serve its strategic priorities.

Sourcing & Employer Branding: Master different sourcing tools and media (e.g., LinkedIn, GitHub, Uni. Alumni portals, etc.) to position EBI as one of the top employers in Egypt and attract prominently diverse talents.
Implement effective Graduate Internship Programs to achieve EBI’s goals of attracting young talents and position itself as one of the top employers in Egypt for young talents to grow and flourish.

Selection & Onboarding: Manage the selection & onboarding process in light of EBI policy and procedures to ensure consistent, seamless and efficient practice.
Arrange with hiring managers to ensure maximum satisfaction and best utilization of their involvement in the selection process.
Utilize in-place HR technologies to advance candidate/ new hire experience in all touchpoints.

Partnerships & External Stakeholders: Liaise with our external partners/ vendors such as (assessment centre providers, university’s alumni offices/ Student Chapters, and so forth) to ensure effective and fruitful cooperation.
Design and implement new talent acquisition projects to ensure visible strong employer branding existence along with satisfying key future TA needs.

Analysis & Reporting: Measure consistently and report timely all Talent Acquisition Operational and Developmental aspects to ensure continuous innovation and improvement as needed.
Keep track of TA acquisition updates and market trends, recommend possible upgrades and enhancements as needed, or implement changes within the current scope of responsibilities.
Interested candidates are to send their CV to careers@ebi.gov.eg mentioning the job title in the subject.

Senior Application Support
evelops, maintains and updates IT systems for EBI’s specific business needs, thereby supporting effective and efficient business operations for the organization.

Key responsibilities:  User Needs. In coordination with users, investigate their needs and provide solutions by either creating an in-house program or by facilitating the process for purchasing software from vendors.
Content Management. Manage content on EBI website and E-learning platform. Software Selection. Coordinates software procurement processes and conducts trial runs of software applications to ensure their performance meets EBI’s requirements.
Vendor Systems Implementation Management. Coordinate the implementation of vendor software for non-technical departments at EBI.
Program Maintenance. Conducts regular testing of programs to identify and correct any deficiencies and improve their operating efficiency, thereby, ensuring optimum program performance.
Program Manuals and Documentation. Completes documentation related to program development and program user’s manuals to ensure proper recording and usage.
Performs. Other duties as assigned.
Education & Experience: Computer Science graduate
2-6 years of experience in a technical role
Skill & Knowledge:   SQL Server administration experience
Azure cloud experience is a plus
Familiarity with SAP SuccessFactors or any of SAP products is a plus
M365 experience is a plus (Preferably SharePoint
Interested candidates are to send their CV to careers@ebi.gov.eg mentioning the job title in the subject. 

Relationship Manager
Key responsibilities:  Drive the relationship with clients, being their first point of contact in EBI
Take ownership of client requests and enquiries
Proactively engage clients on long-term capability planning, working closely with HR Advisors
Anticipate clients’ needs, proactively offering solutions through tailored products, services and tools Maintain and update clients’ information in EBI’s database
Coordinate attendance of training specialists in relevant meetings with clients
Organize alignment meetings with internal stakeholders to share market intelligence related to clients’ business
Own P&L for assigned client portfolio, and meet budget objectives
Adhere to all Regulatory and Compliance operating procedures
Role towards clients: Drive relationships with clients, proactively engaging them on training planning and pushing EBI services
They have a holistic view of a client’s business, needs and existing liaison with EBI
They are the go-to people when clients want to contact EBI
Role inside EBI: Coordinate training specialists in the interactions with clients
Organize alignment meetings to make sure training departments are aware of the commercial pipeline
Share insights on emerging client needs
Education & Experience: 2-3 years of experience in sales, customer service and negotiation (preferably corporate sales)
Bachelor degree in banking, finance or related topics (preferred)
Working experience in/with financial institutions
Skill & Knowledge:   Knowledge of Egyptian banking sec
Interested candidates are to send their CV to careers@ebi.gov.eg mentioning the job title in the subject. 

IT Senior Security Engineer

Key responsibilities:  Maintaining, Monitoring and Troubleshooting LAN, WLAN and VOIP connectivity.
Install, configure, and maintain network services, equipment, and devices.
Maintaining switches and routers. Overall responsibility for network security and protection against unauthorized access and malicious attacks
Install all network related hardware and software in the office (modems, routers, internet cables, firewalls etc.)
Perform troubleshooting in case of network related issues
Provide technical support to all employees experiencing difficulties accessing the network
Update software and hardware ensuring the correct and constant functioning of the network in the office Troubleshooting and solving complex technical issues in hardware, servers, software, and network equipment related to network Routing, Switching, Security, VPN tunnels, Wireless, and Voice.
Implement a virus detection system beforehand for sound safety.
Tracking the vulnerable scripts to avert the potential threats.
Generating and maintaining the virtual private network, firewalls, web protocols and email security decorum.
Reporting the security analysis of findings. Investigations of Security breach alerts.
Maintaining & implementation of the SOP for Network security
Knowledge of performing routing protocols (MPLS, HAIPE/IP, QOS and WAN).
Monitoring of web security gateways, perimeter security, network access controls, endpoint security.

Education & Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field required.
5-7 years of experience in managing network and security or similar role.

Skill & Knowledge:   Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Proactively seeking advice from others and share own experiences with group.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Professional network and security certifications (CCNP, CCDA, CISSP) are required
Excellent knowledge of the various network related hardware and software Practical working experience with Cisco and Fortinet line of products including switches, routers, next generation firewalls, access points, network access control appliances…etc.
Ability to perform correctly the installation and maintenance of network related hardware and software.
Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE).
Cisco Secure ACS Server (ACS).
Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC). VOIP.
IDS/IPS and Syslog.
VLANS / STP / RSTP / EtherChannel / MST.

Interested candidates are to send their CV to careers@ebi.gov.eg mentioning the job title in the subject. 

Senior Business Development Coordinator

Education & Experience: Bachelors of Economics and Political Science is preferable.
2-3 years of working experience.

Skill & Knowledge:   Communication and Negotiation skills.
Problem solving.
Fluent English spoken and written.

Interested candidates are to send their CV to careers@ebi.gov.eg mentioning the job title in the subject. 

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