وظائف خاليه ومتنوعة فى مؤسسة صناع الحياة منشور فى 1/12/2017

متابعة اخبار الوظائف لحظة بلحظة على مدونة وظيفتى
وظائف خاليه ومتنوعة فى مؤسسة صناع  الحياة منشور فى 1/12/2017
ob announcement: Life Makers Foundation is looking for a qualified candidate to fill the following positions:
Head of Programme Development and Quality "Code 201801" Re-Announcement – Dead Line 2 December:

HR Officer "Code 201802" Re-Announcement – Dead Line 2 December:

Communications Officer "Code 201805" – Deadline 2 December: 

Livelihood Officer. "Code 201806" – Deadline 6 December:

Senior Livelihood Officer. "Code 201807" – Deadline 9 December:

Marketing Officer "Code 201808" – Deadline 9 December: 

Programme assistant "Code 201809" – Deadline 9 December:

For Application, please send your CV and cover letter (as a single PDF/Word document) to

Please specify the subject, vacancy title and the announcement code in the email subject.

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